Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO: Chloe on "satisfaction"...

And if we needed a reason to go "adults only", above is the first from an intimate yet performative series of gallery-ready self portraiture snapshots that Chloe has taken over the years waiting for clients to arrive in hotel rooms. Also, I've heard from several of you via e-mail with interesting comments on Chloe's thoughts, but would love it if you would post them here to the blog so we might all participate. I think these interview segments certainly challenge a lot of assumptions (and raise a few eyebrows!), and I think everyone would benefit from hearing a range of reactions, even if they are contrary. We all benefit from civil and open discussion! :) - Kyle

What satisfaction does your work give you? What do you give to your clients?

My work is immensely satisfying. I get to make people cum and make money at the same time! How fucking fabulous is that?? I derive great satisfaction in knowing that someone leaves my apartment relaxed, with a smile on his face, feeling smugly satisfied at having gotten away with something naughty and I can pay my bills and save some cash and buy myself those new Louboutins or take a trip to Paris for my birthday. It's also great to get my own sexual needs taken care of while I'm making money - definitely two birds with one stone. I save so much time not having to pursue sex, but rather let it find and pay me!

I give my clients different things depending on who they are, of course. In general though, I always give my clients genuine emotion and affection. I have a stable of more than 30 regulars who come to see me on a regular basis. That could be once a week, once a month, even once every two months.

Regardless of the time frame, these are all people with whom I've been having long-term, emotionally and sexually-fulfilling relationships. Stop and try to wrap your brain around that! Most of us can barely even maintain one relationship! I suppose I just have A LOT of love to give. I know my client's real names, their wive's and children's names, their professions, even sometimes their addresses - trust me, nothing makes a client hotter than being buttfucked by a gorgeous tranny in his own bed while his wife and children are away visiting her sister Sally in Indiana!


  1. I cannot tell you how much I fucking love Chloe's photo in the hotel room. Cindy Sherman with many many twists! Can we puh-leez see more in the form of a book, an exhibit, some DVD extras.

  2. Hey Keith - You bet, trying to get a gallery photo show together perhaps at the festival premiere... - Kyle


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