Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4PLAY: SF - BUTT interview PT 2

Part two of the BUTT interview btwn Chloe and Paul Soileau and Andy Campbell. See part one to get up to speed. - Kyle

Do you put pictures of yourself on the interwebs, Paul?

Paul: On the interwebs? Yes, there's a lot of Christeene floating around on the interwebs. A lot of video of her, because she's a musician.

In what sense is she a musician?

Paul: Well I see her as this poor little piece of shit who has found one little gold nugget in her life. So she's going all the way with it. She's like Mike Tyson: an animal on stage and a baby when you talk to her.

So I hear you're an art collector, Chloe…

Chloe: Yes, I am.

Is that it? Is that all I get?

Chloe: (Laughs) Yes, the answer is yes. I collect lots of things: shoes, clothing from specific periods like space-age pop, vintage movie posters, and also art. I collect the posters because very shortly the cinema will die, and we won't actually go to the theater anymore. It's already happened to the porn theaters I used to love in this country. So I started collecting vintage porn movie posters. I have quite a collection.

Do you collect anything, Paul?

Paul: I was gonna ask Chloe real quick – where do you keep your posters? ‘Cause they’re not up at your house.

Chloe: No, they’re not. I want to have them framed. So I have them in tubes in one of my closets.

In tubes! In the closet! Where they belong! Are you a collector, Paul?

Paul: No. I like shit art. I just love, I get really inspired, by art I find on streets, in garbage cans, or by friends of mine who are trying hard.

Too hard?

Paul: Too hard. Oh, much too hard. ‘Cause if it’s hanging on my wall, they know that it’s there for a reason. That I like to giggle at it, you know. I just like innocent, innocent, crappy art that makes me giggle a lot and taps into that rascal baby in me, you know.
Chloe: Maybe you should collect those little Precious Moments figurines.

Paul: Oh, my Mam-maw does that she has a lot of those. She had the magnets. She had the figurines, but her refrigerator was like the Mecca of Precious Moments.

What kind of things would they say again? I know I’ve seen them, but I can’t remember what they would say. Like “Today Is the Pits”? Or what would they say?

Chloe: I’m sure they were more positive than that…

Paul: No, they weren’t tongue-in-cheek…

I guess that’s what I want them to say.

Chloe: That’s what they should say!

Paul: They were really strange. They were like these creepy, naked doll babies holding hands and it would read “Love is a gift…Don’t Waste It.”

And those just make you uncomfortable.

Paul: Yeah, those just make me like…I don’t wanna go over to someone’s house and have Precious Moments lying around. You know, or I’m out the door. Only Mam-maw gets to have the Precious Moments. But I am painting. I have this dream of having a room in my home that’s covered in paintings of my most favorite women in the world. I mean, I’m sure a couple of men will slip in there… But, I don’t just pick on shitty art – I make it myself.

You’re a practitioner?

Paul: Yes, I practice the art of crap.

Friday, September 24, 2010

4PLAY: SF - BUTT interview PT 1

To keep us warm on the festival circuit this fall, posting a series of interviews that Andy Campbell, queer art historian and writer for the Austin Chronicle, did with Paul Soileau (star of 4PLAY: SF) and Chloe, the film's inspiration. Originally intended for publication in BUTT... but the pink-paged fools turned it down because they were "confused" (FYI - I love BUTT magazine, seriously!). Maybe something was lost in translation? Who knows, I think it's pretty funny and as always, informative. - Kyle

Paul Soileau a Louisiana-born performance artist living in Austin, Texas who is best known these days for his performances as Christeene Vale, was recently hired to play the part of a tranny sex-worker who works over a quadriplegic gentleman caller in the first of an omnibus of shorts about deviant sex called FOURPLAY. The film, which premiered at this year’s Outfest Film Festival, is based on the real-life experiences of a cross-dressing sex worker in the Bay Area who goes by the name of Chloe during the working evening hours. Getting Paul and Chloe together is a study in opposites played out through personae: The classy Chloe and the equally trashy Christeene. A teleconference was clearly in order…

Andy: You guys are settling in for the night?

Chloe: Right!

Paul: I’m laying in my bed.

Let’s have some pillow talk. How would you two describe “The Ladies” in your life?

Chloe: The ladies, as in our ladies?


Chloe: Ok I thought you meant my grandmother…

I’ll ask about her later. So prepare.

Chloe: Oh no… uh oh…

Paul: Well, I'm a little horse today because of my ladies. I have two ladies: Rebecca Havemeyer, a burnt out 1930s starlet, and Christeene, the number one cum-dump of Austin, Texas. They're polar opposites.

Well what would they have to say about you, Paul?

Paul: Rebecca would probably think I was real sweet - a nice young man. And Christeene would probably just want to fuck me. A lot. Can I say that?

No, please self censor.

Paul: Are you serious?

No! Don't censor. Give it all. What about Chloe?

Chloe: Chloe's my main lady - she's my only lady, in fact. It's interesting… I'm a little jealous of drag queens because they get to change their looks, but because my lady is a working lady who has actual pictures out there online to seduce potential clients I have to be the same lady over and over.

But you change your looks a little bit - I've seen the photos.

Chloe: Sure! The persona has to be pretty consistent, though. I also feel that whatever look I have up on the ad has to be consistent with what they see when they open the door. You never know what people fetishize. There have been situations where I've had my ad up featuring pictures of Chloe with long hair, and then I decide because it's hot outside to slap a short wig on my head, and so when the client opens the door I get "Oh, I thought you had long hair."

And so do you run home and get a different wig?

Chloe: No, no, no, no, no, not at all. No, I say "Oh, I got it cut! Ha ha!" and just play it off. I mean, these guys, not always the sharpest tools in the shed. They don't even know it's a wig half the time.

Paul: Yeah, because it's real!

Bless them!

Chloe: Right?! Bless them!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4PLAY: SF - Fall 2010 screenings...

Here's the fall festival line up for FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO screenings, click through for more info on fest websites:

10/6 - Atlanta, GA - Out on Film Fest - 5:30 PM - Landmark Theater (931 Monroe Dr.)

10/18 - Seattle, WA - Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Fest - 9:45 PM - NW Film Forum (
1515 12th Ave)

11/20-12/1 - Hong Kong, China - Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Saturday, September 4, 2010


SAN FRANCISCO will play at the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (AGLIFF) next Saturday, Sept 11th at 7PM at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. The film was chosen as the festival's centerpiece short, so it will play in front of Rob Epstein's new feature HOWL, about poet Allen Ginsberg.

Also, AGLIFF nominated SAN FRANCISCO for the prestigious Iris Prize, the most coveted and lucrative international prize for queer short films, with cash prize of £30,000! Thank you AGLIFF! - Kyle

For Tickets: http://www.originalalamo.com/Show.aspx?id=7707