Monday, August 20, 2012

4PLAY: SKOKIE - Jessica Hedrick Interview PT 02

Another installment of my interview with the screenwriter of FOURPLAY: SKOKIE, Jessica Hedrick.  Read part one here.  And exciting news about where you can see FOURPLAY this fall at festivals around the world shortly! - Kyle

I think SKOKIE deals with a central theme in FOURPLAY, which is the unalloyed, cringe-inducing vulnerability at the center of our desire to be loved and recognized.
The film zeroes in on this vulnerability with a kind of quiet insistence, and unapologetically cheers for the characters on their odd journeys.

I loved the critic who pointed out how FOURPLAY echoes the undiluted humanism and storytelling of films from the 1970s.  I love the innocence of this movie.  It is plainspoken and direct about its priorities, dedicated to our all too human hearts in a way that I have not seen since my own 70s childhood.