Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4PLAY: QFest Houston + Dr Dick interview Pt 1 of 2 ...

I'll be in Houston for probably the last FOURPLAY fest screening in North America at QFest this Fri 7/26 8pm at the Aurora Picture ShowGet tixs and more info here.

And listen to part one of my interview with sexologist Dr Richard Wagner on his Dr Dick's Erotic Mind podcast here. Lots of great sex and art chatting.

- Kyle

Thursday, June 27, 2013

FOURPLAY - Discount DVD now available!

Now get FOURPLAY DVD for only $11.95 in North America directly via our web-site http://www.fourplayfilm.com/dvd_streaming.html with PayPal or major credit card.  Shipping is regular USPS mail, no tracking to keep the costs low.  Thanks and happy Pride month! - Kyle

Thursday, May 23, 2013

FOURPLAY review roundup!

Check out these great reviews for the FOURPLAY dvd and get a copy for yourself today from TLA.  Or watch now instantly streaming for only $3.99!!! - Kyle

Austin American Statesman
Fourplay will likely ruffle the feathers of more conservative audiences, but Kyle Henry’s movie offers a unique and bold look at the complications of desire, the need for connection and the joys and perils of sexual intimacy. The director shows amazing dexterity in shifting between silly and serious tones. Henry and his writers have created a cast of sympathetic characters who find the courage to be vulnerable in a world not always willing to offer an embrace. "Fourplay" is crass, unapologetic, imaginative, challenging and, ultimately, comforting.

Outlook Columbus
"Fourplay is highly recommended for those with a liberal comfort zone, and for anyone who may be looking to challenge their prudish sensibilities and appreciate something a little naughty or out of the ordinary."

DVD Verdict
Let's face it, Fourplay was never going to out to the multi-plexes of America, but I'm glad it's now being granted a life beyond the festival circuit. AOK's DVD presentation is a wonderful concert of anamorphic widescreen image and Dolby Digital stereo sound. There's an optional commentary track from director Kyle Henry, joined by principal players (both on and offscreen) throughout the film's length. Additional bonus features include a "making of" featurette focusing on the mini-epic "Tampa," a blog interview with Chloƫ (responsible for costuming, hair and makeup for the Aliya character in "San Francisco), and a number of different trailers for the film.

New Magazine
Sex is a fantastical, magical and celebrated force in Kyle Henry’s series of short films, Fourplay ... Like a queer Tales from the Crypt, Fourplay delves into four dark corners of the sexual spectrum treating otherwise hardcore fetish and eroticism with intimacy and a good dose of non-patronizing humor. 

Austin Chronicle
The sexual orientations of the films range from homosexual to heterosexual to bestial to imaginary. The content is more erotic and suggestive than lewd and graphic, although there’s no mistaking the fact that sexual transgression is the subject at hand. The shorts build in emotional depth to the concluding segment, “San Francisco,” which provides the film’s heartrending climax.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

FOURPLAY see it now on VOD/DVD via TLA!!!

At long last, anyone, anywhere in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) can see FOURPLAY via TLA releasing.  Click here to get some FOURPLAY today, and remember, adults only and NSFW!!!

Then read this blog post on The Film Collaborative's site on how we found distribution for our NC-17 equivalent film.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

FOURPLAY: New website + North American tour!

Excited to share FOURPLAY's new web-site, check it out here.  And if you want to find out North American screening dates/times, check out the screenings page here.  We'll be on tour from Feb 7th through early April, see ya around the block America! - Kyle

Sunday, January 13, 2013

4PLAY: Early 2013 Int'l Fest Round-Up...

FOURPLAY is coming to an international film fest near you as we continue our world tour in early 2013.  Dates include (see hyperlinks for more info):

Tucson Out In The Desert Film Fest - Sun, Jan 27th @ 8:25PM

Kingston Reel Out Film Fest - Sat, Feb 2nd @ 11PM
Canadian Premiere

Melbourne Queer Film Fest - Mar 12th - 23d @ TBD
Australian Premiere