Friday, September 30, 2011

4PLAY: SF - Iris Prize Trailer...

Nice trailer for the Iris Prize with a short clip from FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO buried within. Like an Easter Egg hunt, can you find the shot? - Kyle

4PLAY: SF plays at Q! Fest Indonesia ... please support!

FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO plays in Indonesia @ the Q! Film Fest, the only GLBT fest in a predominantly Muslim country. Screens in Jakarta @ the Salihara, 2:30PM on Sat, Oct 1st and at the Kineforum, 2:30PM on Sat, Oct 8th.

So proud we are part of a fest fighting on the front lines of global human rights for GLBT people. I believe they are getting pretty intense harassment for this event as their site now requires you to become a member, so please, in solidarity, go to the link above and type in your email address to become a member!

- Kyle

Monday, September 26, 2011

4PLAY: SF at Iris Prize Fest - Oct 7th @ 12:30PM

Have any friends in Cardiff, Wales? Then recommend the FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO screening on Fri, Oct 7th @ 12:30PM at the Chapter arts center as the film vies for the prestigious Iris Prize! See this link for ticket sales and theater info. - Kyle

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

4PLAY: SF's Paul Soileau wins Best Actor @ MiMi!

 Paul Soileau, who plays the part of Aliya in FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO, won the Best Actor prize at the MiMi LGBT Short Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain.  Congrats! - Kyle