Sunday, October 24, 2010

4PLAY: SF - BUTT Interview PT 4

Part 4 of art critic/theorist Andy Campbell's interview w/ Paul Soileau (aka Aliya) and Chloe, cross-dressing sex-worker script consultant, regarding their work together on FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO. - Kyle

Have you ever faked a kink, Paul?

Paul: Have I ever what? What do you mean a kink?

It can be anything – like being into micro-penises, I don’t know.

Paul: Not in my personal life. No, no, I don’t think so. Unh-unh.

Would you like to?

Scott: You’re not a faker, Paul!
Paul: No, it’s not like work for me. If I were doing what Scott does, I’d fake the kinks for sure, but personally, no.

That’s so selfish.

Scott: Does it always have to be your way, Paul?

I think the answer is yes, a big yes.

Scott: What a selfish kind of lover you are!
Paul: I know. I am. I’ll try any kink, though, but I won’t act like I enjoy it if I don’t. But I’ll sure as hell try them out.
Scott: You’ll try anything once!
Paul: My sex-life is like a Piccadilly buffet.

I want you to go into that more.

Paul: Well, my favorite is chicken fried steak.

Does everything have to be fried, Paul?

Paul: No, no…I’ll eat some broiled chicken… But you won’t like it.
Scott: And he’ll let you know.

He’ll let you know. He’ll tell you.

Scott (imitating Paul): No, I’ll try it, but I didn’t like that.
Paul: You have to try it, dammit!

What did you eat today, Scott?

Scott: I had a beautiful smoothie. It made me very happy. Oh, and sushi, I had sushi for lunch.

Is that it? You need to eat more!

Scott: It’s only 7:30 here, honey.

Oh, that’s right. That was the Jewish mom coming out in me…

Scott: And I had two clients this afternoon, and trust me, I ain’t gonna eat no fucking chicken fried steak before I have to work.

No shit.

Scott: Literally, no shit. Literally, it doesn’t happen. We keep it nice and light.
Paul: Yeah, Scott’s very elegant with everything he does.

And you are not, obviously.

Paul: No, I try, but I’m a poser. I try to be all elegant, but once you get into it, you’ll be able to find out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4PLAY: SF - Info re Montreal + Stanford scrnings - Oct 29th

Vous parlez Fran├žais? Oui? Then here's a link for tickets to FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO at Montreal's Image+Nation Festival on Fri, Oct 29th, 9 PM at Theater Hall Concordia (see link for directions to theater).

And more info on a new FREE screening in San Francisco's bay area at Stanford in Palo Alto on Fri, Oct 29th from 6-9:30PM. I'll be participating in the Q&A via Skype and possibly Chloe might be in attendance.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4PLAY: SF - BUTT Interview PT 3

Pt 3 of Andy Campbell's interview w/ Paul Soileau (Aliya) and Chloe, 4PLAY:SF's project consultant. Click here to see Pt 1 or Pt 2. - Kyle

Now I want to know about this film that you two collaborated on, FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO. In it, Paul, you play a fictionalized version of Scott's sex-worker tranny persona Chloe and, well, you toe-fuck a quadriplegic. What was it like seeing Paul play you?

Scott: Surreal, a bit surreal, and incredibly flattering in one sense, and bit nerve-racking. We actually did some of the filming in my actual apartment here, which is where the character – instead of calling her Chloe, she’s named Aliya in the film –lived. And we did some of the filming in San Francisco, but the actual scene of the session between Aliya and the quadriplegic gentlemen was actually filmed in Austin, Texas and I wasn’t there for that. But it was remarkable how accurate it was and how incredible Paul was. The subtleties and the sensitivities, you know, he really got it. And that has to do with all different levels, starting on working on the script with the screenwriter and director to make sure the sensitivity level was there.

I’ve read some of your writings about your work and one of the things I’m really interested in is this idea of empathy that you talk about, and this idea of coming to your work from a place of non-judgment. And I’m actually wondering if in that process of empathy and non-judgment you feel like there’s a way that you can connect to those that you’re working with.

Scott: Absolutely. I mean, I feel like in any kind of therapeutic situation – and that is how I view it – that there is going to be transference and counter-transference. What that means is that, if the client comes in and he typically is a depressed or lonely person, and he’s trying to sort of scab that situation over with sex, I feel that. I feel that sadness. I see people who are really, really lonely and desperate for that touch of human skin and to have their own skin touched. And that’s sort of a sad situation, and I definitely feel that. I think anyone who is sort of present in that situation and goes through it multiple times after a course of years is going to feel that.

And do you feel like it works the other way, too?

Scott: Absolutely. I feel like I have the power… well, typically, if I’m not in the best of moods, I don’t work. I try to make sure that I’m in the right frame of mind to give people what they’re really coming for, to be open to that. And if I’m having a bad day or something like that, or I’m tired, I would just rather not work, ‘cause that’s just not fair to them. It’s one of the ways that I safeguard against that kind of counter-transference to them, by not working when my head isn’t in the right place.

I was wondering if their kinks become your kinks?

Scott: Oh, interesting. Yeah, um, Paul – I think this is where you and I might connect, ‘cause there’s a lot of acting that goes on. Even if I’m not particularly into a certain situation – if I’m not into rimming, if I’m not into fisting, if I’m not into S&M spanking or whatever – I can pretend like I am. I feel like that’s part of the job. That’s what they’re paying for. I’m not saying I lie to the client, necessarily, but I feel like I can throw myself into the role. As soon as I get in the role of Chloe, I’m ready to be that sexual dynamo and the fantasy that the client has when they arrive at my apartment.

Paul: You really want to make that person feel amazing, right? Verbally, you don’t have to go there, you don’t have to shove your fist up their ass, but you sure as hell can make them think you would, because they’ve brought it up and you’re turned on by it.

Scott: Exactly. You’re absolutely right, Paul. And interestingly enough, the dynamic in most of my sessions is that they’ve come to please me, actually. You know, the whole tranny/chick with a dick thing is about all these men being able to be submissive. So it really puts me into this perfect kind of place to really control the situation. Oftentimes, it’s not really about what turns them on. Occasionally it is, but usually it’s about me sort of guiding a situation and having them sort of figure out what turns me on. Or me telling them, “Let’s do this. This really gets me hot. That’s good.” Because they’re there to please me.