Monday, November 23, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO: Chloe & Fireman Frank pt 3

When last we left Chloe with Fireman Frank, Frank was just about to open his metal box...

After one last exhale, he opened it and I saw things I immediately recognized: women's clothes. Although mainly lingerie, stockings, and panties, there were other items one could describe as Frederick's-of-Hollywood sexy: the ubiquitous black, shiny, cheap mini-skirt, a sparkly sequinned blouse from the Large Gals department, and even a pair of beat up high heels that looked like two dainty red patent Tonka firetrucks in a size 15. He continued to cry and couldn't even look at me.

Shame is a powerful theme in my work that I'm often forced to deal with. I see people at their most private and vulnerable. I'm so lucky I'm as sensitive as I am. And so is Frank.

This is what I give to my clients: understanding, love, guidance, encouragement, mind-blowing sex any way they want it, when they want it, and all completely free of judgement. Frank and I have been seeing each other for over 9 years now. He comes over, we'll spend an hour getting him dressed in modern women's clothes that actually fit him and make him feel the way he wants to feel, with his "outside matching his inside", as he likes to say. The best part of Frank, or Bella's (as he likes to be called when dressed), story is that he came out to his sons as a crossdresser. I've even met one of them.

I could write volumes on the injustices of such a world that would allow a man who bravely and regularly saves the lives of complete strangers to feel so hideously about himself. I'll never fully understand the power we attribute to inanimate pieces of cloth. But what I do understand is what Frank and I give to each other after nine years of talking, laughing, bumping "pussies" and trying on hats! And anyone who doesn't understand needs to unpack his/her own impermeable metal box.

Monday, November 16, 2009

FOURPLAY: Chloe & Fireman Frank pt 2

When last we left Chloe with Fireman Frank, Frank was just about to open his metal box...

But back to Frank and his metal case... Once we began to talk and I put him at ease with arm-stroking and complete eye contact, it became clear to me why he was with me. He sheepishly began his tale of always having a secret that he carried with him since he was a young man, as young as 10, he said.

It was obviously very difficult for him to talk about and he began to cry while explaining that his beloved wife had died of breast cancer recently. As he unlocked the impermeable chrome box, he explained that it was a secret that he had never been able to share with her, and he began to sob and gasp for breath the way one does when one really lets go. It was a weeping of great regret.

The case was unlocked and yet he still wouldn't open. He had to put in a certain three digit code to unlock the inner lock, which he did while taking deep breaths, and I cradled him with one arm while stroking his hair and wiping his forehead. He paused before making the final unveiling of what lay inside, looked at me, and said that he had never, ever shown the contents of this to anyone. I said that I was so pleased that he'd chosen me and I was very excited to share this moment with him.

Monday, November 9, 2009

FOURPLAY: Chloe & Fireman Frank pt 1

Any particular story involving a client that you find especially illustrative or moving?

More than anything, I think I give my clients understanding - this includes listening and, once again, the fine art of non-judgement. No one illustrates this better than Frank the Fireman.

Frank came to me the first time not long after I had started doing sex work almost 10 years ago. He is a large, striking, handsome Italian originally from New York City, born and raised in Hell's Kitchen. At the time, Frank was in his late 40's, a devoted husband of almost 30 years, with 3 grown sons (two doctors and an architect), and a well-respected and highly decorated Fire Marshall for a small suburb outside of San Francisco.

Like most of my clients their first time, he was visibly nervous and carrying a medium-sized metal suitcase with a padlock on it. I wasn't sure what to make of him, huge and hirsute, but I laughed to myself remembering what power I seemed to have over these men, dressed in a short, pussy-pink peignoir, with a short dark wig called "Ingenue", staggering around in 4" Gucci stilettos.

After I put the money away and got him the pre-poured glass of water that they all invariably want, we sat down to talk, as I always do with my clients. My formula, by the way, is based on three 20-minute cycles: the first 20 minutes is getting to know them and make them comfortable, the second 20 minutes is the actual sex, and the third 20 is blissful joking, sweet-nothings, and clean-up. Before you know it, an hour has passed and I've made another friend and feel a bit richer for services rendered.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO: Aliya Speaks PT 02...

The second part of my interview with
Paul Soileau, aka Christeene, aka Aliya, a short and sweet 3 minutes. Above is a make-up test photo, with a bit of "shady lady" action going on that Chloe helped us avoid during shooting. - Kyle