Friday, October 16, 2009

FOURPLAY: The Real Queer Eye

My friend Andy Campbell, "Modern and Contemporary Art & Visual Culture" lecturer at Texas State University and contributing writer at The Austin Chronicle, compiled for me awhile ago a great list of his top-ten queer artists. Check it out, it's definitely in line with the FOURPLAY agenda, and a treasure trove of links! Be forewarned, some of these are explicit! - Kyle

1. David Altmejd - He's the one I was telling you about. Werewolves and chicken men. French-canadian... crystals symbols of growth energy and light click here and here for some images.

2. Catherine Opie - an oldie but goodie, you may remember the work where she cut a kids-like drawing into her back, but her recent series of surfers in the ocean are sublime and I think a queer vision of landscape.

3. Cary Liebowitz -funny, funny, funny, Woody Allen self deprecation. Also: works for sothebys (or Christies) in print dept. so he knows his shit.

4. Assume Vivid Astro Focus - Can be trite and over-hyped, but there's something about the aesthetics that really interesting.

5. Christian Holstad - Incredible collage and craft

6. Monica Bonvicini - revealing the masculinist bias behind architecture... hottttt.

7. Monica Majoli - Painstakingly constructing paintings and watercolors... non normative sex.

8. Cady Noland- Ok not sure . she's queer, but it's all regurgitated americana - certainly in a queer way.

9. Robert Gober - Love love love EVERYTHING is hand crafted. Painstaking.

10. Martin Wong -Bricks and sign language. NYC. AIDS.

11. Felix Gonzalez-Torres. I mean, really, no queer art list would be complete with out F G-T. Soooooo very amazing. Quotidian object... subtly homo... poetic to the extreme.

12. Matthew Ronay - Again, not sure if he's queer but his stuff certainly is...

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