Friday, May 7, 2010

4PLAY: TAMPA Kickstarted!!!!

Pre-production is underway on 4PLAY: TAMPA, thanks to generous donations to our Kickstarter drive. I can't recommend Kickstarter enough, especially if you have only a relatively low amount of money (under $5K) you need for a specific project and broad enough base of supporters to aggregate with the drive. Also, if you're working with a community of artists, as we are on 4PLAY, having the whole community involved with the drive certainly helps too! Thanks to screenwriter Carlos TreviƱo, producer Jason Wehling, and cinematographer PJ Raval's extended family of friends, as well as generous donations on the part of artists Ivan Lozano and Heyd Fontenot, who also designed the 4PLAY: TAMPA set, we made our goal and are busily building the set as I type this entry! - Kyle

PS - And thank you Rebecca Havemeyer, wherever you are!

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