Friday, April 30, 2010

FOURPLAY: Flaming creatures...

Is it wrong to say that even though I've never seen one of his films, I'm inspired by the legend of Jack Smith? I have seen many a Guy Maddin film, and Maddin has made a lovely homage to both Smith and Kenneth Anger's films (THE LITTLE WHITE CLOUD THAT CRIED), available via one of my favorite art commentary web-sites, GLASSTIRE, founded by the shrewd connoisseur Rainey Knudson. Although what we are up to w/ FOURPLAY is quite different, I think it is some sort of second-cousin to Maddin's works, which are highly subversive yet playful with their representation of gender roles and sexual expression, disguised as they are in a veil of camp. Anyway, just a toss off thought (and video) for the day. - Kyle

The Little White Cloud That Cried (Guy Maddin, KINOTE) from jeanne dielman on Vimeo.

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