Friday, May 14, 2010

4PLAY: TAMPA - Multihyphenate Heyd ... pt1 of 2

When trying to decide who could possibly get the right tone of our gang-bang Florida mall bathroom set for TAMPA, Heyd Fontenot (filmmaker, painter, artist, performer, provocateur, et al) was the one and only choice to do the job. Check out the video of his studio walkthrough (I love his laugh!) and will post photos of his amazing set with the next interview installment. - Kyle

1) How did you first become involved with FOURPLAY? (e.g. your experience acting in AUSTIN)

The director, Kyle Henry approached me about a couple of other projects before this one. I was excited to work with Kyle, because he's so smart and I feel like we may share an enthusiasm about particular things, or at least we have some common reactions to art and social politics. Kyle had referenced Ken Russell's film, The Boyfriend, when we were discussing an earlier project - and that's one of my favorite films and directors. When this project came closer to production, and my schedule coincided with the production's - I took it an an sign that Jesus wanted me to work with Kyle.

2) What personal connection, if you any, do you have with the FOURPLAY shorts?

In my own work as a filmmaker and artist, I wrestle with similar subjects of sexuality. I was raised Catholic, in a somewhat sexually-repressed environment, but a VERY sexually-repressed environment if you happen to be gay, which I was/am. I feel a personal responsibility as an artist to work on projects that promote an enlightened and progressive view of sexuality. The chances that Carlos takes with his script are daring, and I appreciate that. I get really pissed off about "movies" that don't try very hard to be original or honest or to elevate the art form. And this film is making an attempt to break some boundaries.

3) You're a respected artist who has worked in many media, what thoughts do you have about the typical representations we see of human sexuality and sexual expression? Anything you'd like to see more of?

I think we've got a lot of main-stream porn and advertising (and that's really and truly interchangable - porn and advertising) that dictate standards of beauty to the public. So much so that many people don't even try to develop their own tastes, they just adopt notions of "what is attractive." Personally, I like the idea of individuals who are less "processed", more natural. Less airbrush. More personality. Maybe I'm missing the entire point of porn, BUT I think it's become this product that could have developed in so many other ways. I'm not satisfied to just let "the Man" control the entirety of Erotica. I'm still hoping for a revolution.

So, I'd like to see much more variation in body types and erotic acts. That's something fantastic about Xtube - of course porn producers have their product on, but there's this huge contingent of home-made porn. And it's fascinating, though not always stimulating, to get a glimpse of what people are into. And as long as no one is being hurt, then I say - "Let that freak flag fly!"

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