Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO: Chloe on sex work pt 3

Were you involved in the recent campaign to decriminalize sex-work in San Francisco? Were you disappointed in the out-come of that vote?

I wasn't directly involved with Proposition K on last November's ballot, but I definitely did my own song and dance on it's behalf with my inner circle, including friends, family, and clients. It lost 43% to 51%, but it was interesting to see how close it actually was and how people felt about the issue.

Sadly, sex-work is often conflated with human trafficking in order to scare typically-liberal people into thinking that they're personally contributing to the sexual slavery of Third World women by greedy traffickers if they approve of letting people do with their bodies what they choose in the comfort of their own homes.

But the irony of the situation is that with cultural acceptance of a once-thought "sin" is that it loses it's sensual, "dirty" electricity once it becomes more mainstream; thereby bringing down my prices to remain competitive and subsequently killing my business. Just like I know many pot growers here in California who rue the day when pot becomes legal because they're going to lose A LOT of money.

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