Monday, December 7, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO: Chloe on sex work pt 2

Chloe continues her talk about sex work...

The workers at the top of the hierarchy are the providers who work for themselves online and travel. These are the folks who usually get busted with someone famous. They tend to be educated, above-average looking, with the ability to market themselves well and know their niche category. It is often a means to an end with this set too, and they are rarely lifers, or it is their main profession.

But these are hardly the folks people think of when one mentions "prostitute." It also must be said that genetic women make the most money at this venture, while transsexuals (TS's) and transvestites (TV's) make less, but men, poor things, make the least.

Isn't it ironic that conventional modeling and prostitution are the only two professions where women make more than men? I'd love to see people become more aware of the ways in which sex is commodified in our culture, but the irony is that I bank on repression and the taboo qualities of sex in our Calvinistic culture, so in some ways it's better that it stays this way.

In the dark, online, all alone...

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