Thursday, December 3, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO: Chloe on sex work pt 1

What changes would you like to see occur in people's attitudes toward sex-work and sex-workers? How far into the future is that day when negative attitudes will change?

It's no secret that when anyone mentions sex work or sex workers everyone automatically thinks of streetwalkers with pimps and needles hanging out of their arms. Not that all streetwalkers are junkies or addicts, but usually that scene has an element of desperation or addiction somewhere nearby.

I suppose I'd like everyone to be more aware of what I call the Hooker Hierarchy. There are all kinds of workers filling the needs of all levels of society. Sadly, at the bottom are the streetwalkers. It's the most obvious, in plain view, sometimes stunningly gorgeous in it's brazenness, in fact; which is why people have the association of hooking with streetwalking.

Above that, there are people who work out of bars, clubs, massage parlors, and even brothels, but they're still working for someone else usually. As is the case with agencies. It's just a more female-centric arrangement, with the women running the agencies having usually been the workers themselves at one point.

But to me, a pimp is a pimp is a pimp. Then there are the providers who work an ad online. At one level you have the Craigslist folks who are just doing it for the money, who aren't really concerned with presenting themselves at their finest, and have been known to constantly make "deals" and end up just bringing the whole pricing game down for everyone - typically young, dumb, and just need rent money or a new pair of shoes for going out Saturday night.

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