Wednesday, December 7, 2011

4PLAY: TAMPA - Going to dance in the Sun...

OK, we can finally spill the beans ...
FOURPLAY:TAMPA is screening at Sundance 2012! 32 U.S. short films were selected from 4,083 [US] submissions and over 7,675 total shorts submissions. Them is LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG odds, and we are ecstatic to be included in such find company. Best XMAS gift we could've received!

If you like this FOURPLAY project, please help us spread the word by suggesting to "open-minded" friends that they either follow the blog or "like" our Facebook page. In the days leading up to Sundance we'll be sharing a "making-of" short doc here on the blog (a little too raunchy for Facebook, so ONLY posted here) and more interviews from cast and crew.

- Kyle

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