Saturday, December 3, 2011

4PLAY: NC-17 for sex but not for violence?

A re-post from the world of Facebook, wondering why NC-17 is only reserved for adult sexual content in America and for not violence (prompted by this IndieWire article)?

Well, I don't really wonder about that because I think it's pretty obvious that America is a violent nation (e.g. highest murder/incarceration rate in the world!) where violence is normalized in media, games, sports, et al, ad nauseum, but adult conversations and content about sexuality is repressed and hidden ... conveniently retaining its power to help sell a lot of SHIT to us through advertising.

Anyway, see Kirby Dick's THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED to get the low-down on the MPAA and the history of X, R and NC-17. I think it is quite relevant to our little old FOURPLAY, especially when we try to figure out, especially theatrically, how this film will get out the world.

PS - Exciting news coming next week...


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