Friday, July 15, 2011

4PLAY: TAMPA - Jose Villarreal Int Pt 3

Final part of my interview with FOURPLAY: TAMPA star Jose Villarreal. To read Pt 01 or Pt 02 just click on these links! Remember to come out to our NewFest screening in NYC of FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO on Fri, July 22nd, more info here. - Kyle

4) Was there anything you learned about your craft as an actor while making the film? As someone who is fairly new to film, what surprised you about the operation of the film set? Feel weird about all the fake dongs being bandied about?

Granted I'm still new, there was nothing really that surprised me. I had a pretty decent knowledge of what to expect from the commercial experience I've gathered. What I really enjoyed was something I had been waiting my entire career to experience, sitting with the audience and hearing their reactions. I actually loved the dongs. I thought, and I guess was surprised at this part, that there was a wrangler for them to keep clean and sign in and out for. I heard on the Harry Potter sets everyone had to sign in and out for their wands, the Star Wars sets people had to do so for their lightsabers. Big deal. We had people signing in and out for their dongs. How awesomely hilarious is that?

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