Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4PLAY: TAMPA - Jose Villarreal Int PT 2

A continuation of my interview with FOURPLAY: TAMPA star Jose Villarreal. Click here to read part one. - Kyle

3) What particular challenges did you face playing your role? Any fears you had to overcome?

For me, it was quite a unique sort of challenge/fear. I take comedy very seriously. I've made crude jokes and whatnot, but to be part of them physically in such a way as this is entirely different from just talking comedy. I've always been of the mind that, if done properly, nothing is off limits in the world of comedy, with exception to "too soon" jokes which people don't realize is an aspect of the timing of comedy.

Luckily for us/me, the first day of shooting included the scene of (SPOILER) me being found in the stall at the end of the short covered in "happy juice" (END SPOILER). The process of getting prepped for that, and the light atmosphere by everyone involved helped remind me that this was not a melodrama, and my fears were quickly alleviated. Had that not been shot the first day, I might have had a harder time giving Kyle what he wanted for Louis.

That being said, the only real fear I still have is that my mother will see this. I don't need her telling me I'm going to hell (for yet another of many reasons).

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