Friday, July 13, 2012

FOURPLAY: This Sunday (7/15) @ Outfest!

A great review in Hammer to Nail's Outfest preview post, stating "No one is making films like Kyle Henry’s Fourplay these days. Its sunny, hyperreal tone and very American characters thrust into unabashedly sexual situations are reminiscent of the youth-oriented comedies of the post-hippie, pre-AIDS late-‘70s and early ‘80s—think Eating Raoul and Kentucky Fried Movie, or the TV show Soap."  Wow, Soap, we love that show!  

Plus an extensive interview with director Kyle Henry on the blog Los Angeles, I'm Yours carry us into FOURPLAY's Outfest premiere this Sunday, July 15th at 9:30PM at the Directors Guild of America theater in Los AngelesGet your tixs and more info here and come join the cast and crew from 7:30 - 8PM for a pre-screening reception in the atrium of the DGA.

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