Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4PLAY: AUSTIN Atticus/Kai PT2

PT 2 of my interview w/ Atticus Rowe, who plays Kai in AUSTIN. - Kyle

3) What particular challenges did you face playing your role? Any fears you had to overcome?

As I mentioned, allowing myself to truly deal with issues so close to my own was scary, but ultimately it was a gift.

4) During the process of making the film, was there anything you learned about the world or yourself that you feel like sharing?

HA!!! I learned that I have a porn threshold!!! I remember when we first went into the "news shop", everyone was sort of giggling and cracking jokes about the title of a movie or toy etc. Then we started working and everyone was very professional and that settled down and we moved on to trying to get what Kyle was looking for. But at some point, it was if I had been looking at the Sun too long or one of those 3D pictures. It was floor to ceiling porn, everywhere. The only place there was not porn was the floor or the ceiling and I found myself staring at both. And I am by NO MEANS a prude. It was sort of like working on a green screen for a long time and your eyes start to "die." It was like I went from intrigue, to desensitized, to overloaded. I remember Kyle asking me to do something specific with my eyes and it was everything I could do to do it and ultimately, I don't think I could do it.

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