Sunday, October 24, 2010

4PLAY: SF - BUTT Interview PT 4

Part 4 of art critic/theorist Andy Campbell's interview w/ Paul Soileau (aka Aliya) and Chloe, cross-dressing sex-worker script consultant, regarding their work together on FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO. - Kyle

Have you ever faked a kink, Paul?

Paul: Have I ever what? What do you mean a kink?

It can be anything – like being into micro-penises, I don’t know.

Paul: Not in my personal life. No, no, I don’t think so. Unh-unh.

Would you like to?

Scott: You’re not a faker, Paul!
Paul: No, it’s not like work for me. If I were doing what Scott does, I’d fake the kinks for sure, but personally, no.

That’s so selfish.

Scott: Does it always have to be your way, Paul?

I think the answer is yes, a big yes.

Scott: What a selfish kind of lover you are!
Paul: I know. I am. I’ll try any kink, though, but I won’t act like I enjoy it if I don’t. But I’ll sure as hell try them out.
Scott: You’ll try anything once!
Paul: My sex-life is like a Piccadilly buffet.

I want you to go into that more.

Paul: Well, my favorite is chicken fried steak.

Does everything have to be fried, Paul?

Paul: No, no…I’ll eat some broiled chicken… But you won’t like it.
Scott: And he’ll let you know.

He’ll let you know. He’ll tell you.

Scott (imitating Paul): No, I’ll try it, but I didn’t like that.
Paul: You have to try it, dammit!

What did you eat today, Scott?

Scott: I had a beautiful smoothie. It made me very happy. Oh, and sushi, I had sushi for lunch.

Is that it? You need to eat more!

Scott: It’s only 7:30 here, honey.

Oh, that’s right. That was the Jewish mom coming out in me…

Scott: And I had two clients this afternoon, and trust me, I ain’t gonna eat no fucking chicken fried steak before I have to work.

No shit.

Scott: Literally, no shit. Literally, it doesn’t happen. We keep it nice and light.
Paul: Yeah, Scott’s very elegant with everything he does.

And you are not, obviously.

Paul: No, I try, but I’m a poser. I try to be all elegant, but once you get into it, you’ll be able to find out.

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