Saturday, July 10, 2010


Amazing first screening at Outfest last night! A sold out crowd laughed in all the right places and several new fans came up and thanked us afterward for treating with sensitive grace the coupling of Tom, a quadriplegic, and Aliya without belittling them or turning them into "advocacy" role models. We had a great interview w/ Steve Pride of IMRU show on KPFK who told us the same thing and how during his recovery from a recent stroke he gained new insight into the world of the disabled and continual desire we all have that the film honors. I teared up on several occasions yesterday. It's what Carlos and I see in the work, it's what we hope audiences will see, just the wonderful comedy, drama and romance of two individuals finding each other in the dark. THANK YOU OUTFEST FOR GIVING US OUR AUDIENCE!

Above are some pics from the opening night red carpet. Star struck by Jane Lynch, new Emmy Award nominee and someone I've loved as a performer ever since I saw "Best In Show". And the crazed Paul Soileau performing at Mario Diaz' BIG FAT DICK party. I have no idea what those West Hollywood guys were thinking, but Christeene laid an Austin drag terrorist bomb on the place. A third were amazed, a third were amused and I think a third were appalled.

We had a grand time!

- Kyle

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